Why We Love Sweets

Why We Love Sweets

It’s been a constant toss up for many people as long as the concepts of healthy and unhealthy have floated around. Do we eat sweets and if so, how much so we aren’t unhealthy? While some prefer to take the all or nothing approach, others  promote moderation on both sides. However, that brings up an interesting question. If sweet foods like pastries schaumburg are so bad for us, why do we crave and eat them?

Well it goes back to us being born. As babies, one of the first things we were exposed too was milk, and whether it came from the mother or not, it was undeniably sweet. That instinctively trained us that sweet was good, because it was the first thing that our taste buds felt. As we grew up and our taste buds matured, we began to like other items of food.

Some types were sweet, while others were savory, and as we grew from young kids to adults our palates grew with us. However, we never lose that craving for something sweet, it might grow or lessen in intensity, but it’s always there for us. Having a regular dessert time also teaches us that sweets come at the end of the meal, so we begin to crave them even more during that time.

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I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where there is nothing sweet in the house and we find ourselves still craving something. Even after a big meal, and the pattern of eating desserts post meal is why. Since loving sweets is genetic and encoded in us from our first meal as infants, that’s why so many people have a sweet tooth.

So while too many sweets or sugary meals can cause some health problems, having desserts at their regular time isn’t a health problemÂ… it’s just genetic.