Smoothies For Veggies

Smoothies For Veggies

Back in the day if you were called some such thing it was a nasty thing. In fact, it’s quite sad. It’s so sad to hear people still calling others by such nasty names. Like, how about being called a vegetable. Worse. The derogatory term is applied to those who really are on their last legs.

They are knocking on death’s doors. Quite sad, really. Now, in a spirited sense, this term is being turned on its head. Call it the revenge of the veggies. And the real thing is actually very good for your heart and health. So, here’s a question then. Are you a veggie? But in a nice way, a healthy way. Because if you are, chances are slim that you’ll ever be turning into that other, well, you know.

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If you’re a veggie and you’re out and about in sunny Ft Lauderdale, chances are good you’ll be stopping by to order a delicious slurp from one of those plant-based smoothies ft lauderdale fl kiosks. In case you’ve forgotten, veggies are very good for you, didn’t you know, always has been.

Always will be. Even better if its organic these days. And here’s something real interesting about some of these plant-based smoothies that even you can make at home if you set your heart and mind to it. They contain no dairy. None whatsoever. And that’s really great if you really are a veggie. But right you are.

Many of you reading this right now are wondering just what the heck of veggie is this guy talking about. Glad you asked. Explanation right ahead. It’s a playful definition for a boy or girl with a conscience. These are the folks who have chosen to go vegan. Not vegetarian, there’s big difference, see.