gourmet ketchup

Giving Food a Facelift

gourmet ketchup

Did you know that there is a gourmet ketchup? Well, it’s not just plain ketchup in a new fancy bottle, but gourmet ketchup is a richer version of plain ketchup. Some people like to consider themselves fancy, and they need gourmet ketchup to do that.

Turns out there are several ways to turn low-end junk food into something fancy for a fine meal, and giving food a high-quality facelift doesn’t have to break the bank or take a lot of your time. For example, everyone probably has chips in their house. They are good for munching on alone, but they also make a fine coating for meat.

If you want crusted salmon or chicken, but don’t have the ability to make breadcrumbs or a crust, just crumble some chips or crackers into a container. Then dip the meat in oil, coat it with the chips, and then bake. The chips seal in the flavor of the meat just like a regular crust does, and it tastes exactly the same. Crusted meat using junk food, who knew?

If you want to make a fancy dipping sauce for those crusted meats, then dig out those old condiment packets from fast food stores or scoop out what is sitting at the bottom of the mustard bottle. Simply by mixing ingredients together, and using mayonnaise as a basis, you’ll be able to come up with grand concoctions. Spice up your honey mustard by adding a bit of hot sauce, or use mayonnaise and some spices to create a tartar sauce.

Simply googling ways to turn common foods into upscale items will give you a plethora of results, and experimentation will give you a lot more home recipes that you can use for your own houseguests. So when the occasion calls for fancy, try these hacks instead.

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